21 February 2017

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Posted by Mark Gardner

Following the release of Marusho's jumbo Sanke - http://www.niigata-nishikigoi.com/node/772 - and Oomo's jumbo Showa - http://www.niigata-nishikigoi.com/node/774 - today was the turn of Kaneko to release his jumbo tosai Kujaku although these understandably didn't match the Sanke or Showa in size, the largest being around 35cm.

The pictures below show the top 12 tategoi, in no particular order.  Which one do you think is Kaneko san's number 1?  The answer will be revealed in the video posted later today.


Deriving from my almost zero experience in kujaku standard, I'd say picture number 8.

Love the pattern and the red at the base of the pecs makes it even more special.

Nevertheless, all 12 are absolutely stunning.

Thx for the pics, Mark

Interestingly the first 3 comments I received, your post here, and 2 e-mails - one a dealer one an experienced hobbyist, all stated number 8 as a favourite.

Really looking forward to seeing how these turn out in the autumn.

 I'm going to say the top three would be pic No.1, 5 & 10. As for the No.1 i think it would be a close call between No.5 & No.10.



Hi Ricky

How's things?

A good call!!

Number 1 was the Kujaku deemed to be ichiban by Yasuaki san.  Number 5 didn't make the first bowl simply on size, Yasuaki san stated however that it could very likely prove to be the ichiban come October.  Number 10 seems universally popular.



 Hi Mark

All is well mate, i wanted to say number one but the shape seemed to let it down on the picture, it seemed a little 'dumpy' the video however totally changed my mind, it is one top class Kujaku.

Fujio is just arranging me a shipment of some of these Koi, mainly the Jumbo Showa & Sanke. Wish i had asked for Kujaku now!!

I will be in touch soon regarding some advertising, keep the video coming Mark!!

Regards, Ricky

Cheers Ricky

16mins of best nisai and older Koi being selected for released should be on line some time after F1 qualifying and just before FA Cup Final kick off.

No. 10 for me.

Number 10 has proven a popular choice on a number of  forums.

That's a beauty. Perfect for indoor aquarium.



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