21 February 2017

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Posted by Mark Gardner

On Friday and Saturday we left the hustle and bustle of hot and steamy Jakarta to visit the city of Bandung, around 2.5 hours away, and home to Samurai Koi Centre -http://www.samuraikoi.com.

I've known Kiki Sutarki, owner of Samurai Koi Centre, several years, indeed there is a picture of him at the Sakai auction of October 2007 in the company brochure, an event I also attended.

The portfolio of Koi supplied by Samurai is a hugely impressive one, many many winners at the All Japan Show, the reigning All Indonesia Show Grand Champion and All Indonesia Young Koi Show Grand Champion, all of which will appear on the DVD.

The image below shows the original Samurai premises, built 6 or 7 years ago, a lovely bright open space very conducive for hobbyists to come and sit and meat together.

The picture below shows Samurai's new premises, completed around 10 months ago.  This facility is home to many famous and high quality Koi, a number of which have graced the All Japan Koi Show taking Sakura and Kokugyo prizes, as well as the present reigning Indonesia champions.  It is extremely common for hobbyists in Indonesia to leave their best Koi in the hands of dealers such as Samurai and Golden Koi Centre - http://www.niigata-nishikigoi.com/node/1197.

Two 200 ton ponds.

One of the facilities residents, 50bu Kokugyo winner at the 2010 All Japan Show - http://www.niigata-nishikigoi.com/node/679 - and owned by one of the main hosts of my stay in Indonesia Paul Purawinata.

This Sakai Sanke is previous Grand Champion at the Kanto regional show in Japan, presently Grand Champion of the All Indonesia Koi Show.

A very impressive jumbo Hi Utsuri bred by Shinoda, 90cm+.  Likely to go to the All Asia Cup in a couple of weeks where surely it will challenge for Grand Champion B.

On Saturday morning we visited the pond of Yohanes Yusuf, a name I've known amongst All Japan winners for several years, most memorably for a stunning Kumonryu that he owned.

Below a few of the Koi in the pond.

This unquestionably the most recognisable, best in variety on several occasions at the All Japan - http://www.niigata-nishikigoi.com/node/680, a Koromo Showa bred by Omosako.  When photographed at the show she was 78cm, she is now 86cm.

Having made the bold statement 'The most impressive facility outside of Japan?' the other day regarding Golden Koi Centre the question everyone wanted to know was what was my opinion now.  I've got to say that they are both superb facilites, each containing huge volumes of water and stunning Koi.

There is no question that Indonesia is a country of contrasts, but surely one of the most, if not the most, Koi kichi country.  Having visited the breeders of Blitar earlier in the week, today I visited their main marketplaces in Jakarta, a world away from either Golden or Samurai, but all with a passion for Koi.  Will post more on that later.



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