21 February 2017

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Posted by Mark Gardner

Niigata is a buzz today at the news a wealthy Arab has paid 1 million US dollars for a Ginrin Yamabuki at Marusei Koi Farm.

The wealthy Arab states have long been tipped as a new frontier for the Koi hobby.  Indeed a couple of years ago a group of breeders including Hajime Isa visited a Dubai aquatic exhibition to promote Koi.  When that was being planned I suggested that it would be size and bright colours that particularly appealed to the people of that area. It seems I was proven right.

Last week the Arab and his entourage arrived at Marusei by surprise, he'd been in Japan on business and, having seen a little of Nishikigoi previously made the trip to Niigata.  He wanted to see big and his entourage had established Marusei was the place.

Of course, as we've shown here before the big Koi at kept at Urasa so Hirasawa san and his family suggested that's where they head.

The Arab pointed at an 80cm+ Ginrin Yamabuki and stated he wanted to buy it.  Initially Seitaro san stated it wasn't for sale suggesting some other examples.

The Arab however wasn't giving up and stated he'd pay 1 million US dollars for the Koi, he said it looked liked a jewel encrusted gold bar swimming in the water.

Well, what's a Koi breeder to do? 

The Arab has apparently instructed his team to get a large pond constructed immediately at his home.


For those that didn't guess, this was an April fools joke.

You tricked me


When i was reading it, i was about to ask u to take a picture of that dude "holding" the GR Yamabuki... ;)  Good joke...




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