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Posted 12 Aug 2014 - 20:20 by Mark Gardner

Breeder updates

Posted 12 Aug 2014 - 17:24 by Mark Gardner

Below a selection of images and information posted by Niigata breeders over last few days.

The picture below was posted by Masato Hoshino of Koda Koi Farm, showing the view from some of their mudponds.  This location is a great place to take pictures, or just sit and watch, when the mist fills the valley of the Uono River down below.

There has been plenty of culling going on at Koda Koi Farm too.  The first picture below some Doitsu Hariwake keepers.

The fry below are the offspring of a spawning between a female Asagi from Ooya Koi Farm and a male Goshiki from Minuma Koi Farm.

Ginrin Showa from Koda Koi Farm.

Finally Ginrin Kujaku from Koda Koi Farm.

Shinoda Hi Utsuri are known for growing huge and these tosai are certainly looking pretty huge already.

A very late spawning at Sekiguchi Koi Farm, the female Benizakura Jr crossed with a male Isa showa.  Masayuki Sekiguchi posted pictures of the kuroko sembetsu yesterday.

Masaru Saito of Shintaro Koi Farm has just shared these pictures of Showa keepers from the 2nd selection.  Particularly exciting to see these having been in Japan for the kuroko sembetsu and also the 1st selection last month.

Last but not least, a still taken from a video posted on Facebook by Kazuhiro Hirasawa of Kanno Koi Farm showing some Kanno Goshiki.  Check out the video on Kazuhiro's Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/kazuhiro.hirasawa.3

Check back every couple of days for more updates from Niigata breeders.

Breeding and culling updates from Niigata

Posted 7 Aug 2014 - 14:03 by Mark Gardner

The breeding season is pretty much over in Niigata, now the focus of the breeders is on the essential selection process, choosing only those Koi to keep that have a reasonable chance of developing into something at least 'marketable' and representative of type, and of course hopefully develop into something special.

The images below are as posted by the breeders themselves over the last few days.

Masanori Shinoda of Shinoda Koi Farm posted this selection of Ginrin Shiro Utsuri and what he interestingly referred to as Ginrin Tancho Shiro Utsuri, presumably because they've come from Ginrin Shiro Utsuri parents.

Satoshi Tanaka posted this selection of Beni Kumonryu.

The pictures below show Hisato Nogami, Nogami Koi Farm, and staff selection through Kohaku fry and some of the resultant keepers.

Mitsuhiro Tanaka of Marushin Koi Farm in Mushigame posted these Doitsu Showa showing very interesting beni patterns.

Masato Hoshino of Koda Farm has posted the following pictures over the past couple of days, plenty of variety at Koda Koi Farm...

Keepers from the 2nd selection of Koda Goshiki.

An interesting one, Doitsu Tancho Sanke.

Yellow Kikokuryu 

And finally from Koda Koi Farm a nicely patterned Kikusui

We will bring you more breeder news over the coming days and weeks.

Niigata Visions - July 2014

Posted 4 Aug 2014 - 10:33 by Mark Gardner

Had a great 2 weeks filming, and working (Nishikigoi work), in Niigata.  As always a huge thanks to Masaru and Hiromi Saito of Shintaro Koi Farm for their support and hospitality.

The video below is a short montage of some of the stuff filmed for 'Niigata Seasons - Summer' which is now in the first stages of editing and will be released at the end of September following 1 final visit to Japan mid September.

Niigata Visions - July 2014 from Niigata-Nishikigoi.com on Vimeo.


You can also see some of the stuff we filmed in June here in Niigata Visions - June....

Visions of Niigata - June 2014 from Niigata-Nishikigoi.com on Vimeo.

And of course, 'Niigata Seasons - Summer' is the follow up to 'Niigata Seasons - Spring', you can see the trailer for that here.....

Buy one take one extended until the end of July

Posted 19 Jul 2014 - 08:14 by Mark Gardner

I'm so pleased to be here in Niigata again filming 'Niigata Seasons - Summer' I've decided to extend the buy one take 1 offer until the end of July when I return home.

Simply visit www.Nishikigoi.TV, place a second DVD or Blu-ray in your basket and it will be discounted to 'free' automatically.

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